Do you recall those painfully long 3-4 minute promo videos for agents you’ve seen online before where they slowly strap on their rolex watches and roll out the driveway in their disgustingly expensive cars? Oh yeah, and the horrible corporate stock music which is like a tragic hybrid of Jack Johnson and elevator jazz.

Yeah, nah.

Unless you are selling multimillion dollar properties to Donald Trump and his friends this look isn’t likely to go down well with your clients – particularly if you live in a suburban area which is filled with families and well, nice people.

In 2017 we’ve seen that a lot more agents have begun to integrate video into their social campaigns which is fantastic. We all know that you can learn a lot more about someone from seeing them in a video than from a flyer you found in your letterbox. The problem is that while video is a super powerful marketing tool it is ONLY effective if it is done well. An overly long video that makes you look like an elite snob that eats dollar bills for breakfast is worse than not doing a video at all. Additionally an amateur video where the audio is barely discernible and the image is shaking and dark is not going to do you any favours either.

There are three rules we follow when we make our videos.

  1. Short
  2. Natural
  3. Fun

We always keep our videos short. Usually about 30-60 seconds is the sweet spot. You’ll never see a video of ours that bypasses two minutes. We’d be too bored to even finish the damn thing. When getting a video done there are also other factors to consider such as the platform you will be using the video on – Instagram for example only allows a video which is a maximum of 60 seconds long to be uploaded. When you’re watching a video on Facebook think about how many times you’ve checked how long the video is before making it all the way through. Shorter videos allow you to get across a clearer message without diluting it or going over the same material twice. Keep it short and sweet.

Your video should look natural – you don’t want to be standing there looking like a muppet struggling with words that aren’t things you would say in real life. It’s important to talk like you so your clients get a sense for who you are – since well, that’s the whole point of a video. If you wouldn’t do something normally – don’t do it in a video. Highlight the things that you like and say the things you actually feel. You’re a professional and you know what you’re doing. You are also a human person with unique thoughts and feelings. Do your thing and act like yourself and you’ll be surprised by just how awesome your video will turn out.

Keep your videos fun and lighthearted. Whilst real estate is serious business it’s not like you’re a general telling Kim Jong-un he could stand to lose some weight. Footage of you laughing with your clients or doing a little jig between takes can show people that you are a likeable down to earth person in their community.

Videos have the power to make you look like a total boss.

Or a total wanker.

You decide.